Car Stop for Driveways

Parking stops for large driveways may be used effectively to organize parking areas within the driveway. If you have a driveway for churches, schools & universities, nonprofit organizations, commercial shops, industrial areas, or even large homes, consider implementing auto stops. Stops looks like miniature speed bumps and demarcate the end of a parking spot so that a driver can stop his or her car or truck. If you have a landscaped yard, exterior features, or even products that are outside your home or business, it’s in your best interest to clearly indicate where visitors or guests can park and where they must not park. Stops do this for you. Choose from rubber, concrete, or other materials for a vehicle stop that works. The initial expense of having the stops installed is worth the security of protecting your home or business from property damage if cars don’t stop.

To get started installing parking stops in your home or business driveway, look for a local paving contractor who can locate and install these barriers. A paving contractor can also paint the vehicle stops with a bright or reflective paint to make them even easier to see in inclement or dark weather. Installation is easy and can be completed by a single worker in a short period of time. Once installed, the products are maintenance free and can provide years of increased safety.