Car Stops for Parking Lots

Vehicle stops help to keep parking lots, parking garages, and multi storey parking areas safe for drivers and pedestrians. Available in a range of height, these stops create a visible, clear barrier between parking spots that can help cars and trucks stop before they hit the parking lot wall or move into another parking space. If you are looking to get vehicle stops installed in your parking lot, paving contractors can get the job done quickly and effectively using specialized equipment that keeps the new parking stops in place.

To secure parking stops in asphalt, paving contractors can use 6-inch long metal lag bolts and metal shields to secure the stops in the asphalt. If new stops are not secured properly, they can shift over time or if hit by cars that failed to stop. While rubber parking stops can also be applied to parking structures using a strong glue, it’s still best to hire a professional. Paving contractors can properly clean the asphalt surface of the parking structure and the auto stop material so the glue can bond the materials together. If you fail to properly clean the materials, apply the glue, and let it cure, your parking stops will not be secure.