Clean Streets

Road sweeping not only clears debris from high traffic roadways but also improves water and air quality. Pollutants that build up on roads can seep into ground water, drainage systems and cause dust and chemicals to saturate the air. Well-maintained roads also have less occurrence of damage to vehicles, pedestrians and cyclists. Road sweeping program can be put in place to keep neighborhood, commercial and industrial parks, and condo complexes safe and clean.

Road sweeping consist of sweeping both sides of the street using a sweeping vehicle. Sweepers get into the smallest spaces including gutters along streets using rotating brushes with over 50,000 bristles; they remove the accumulated dirt, leaves, and trash from problem areas. All debris collected is removed from the area and deposited in a legal landfill. Choose an experienced contractor and one who can work with your Home Owners Association, neighborhood council, and property manager for condo, commercial and industrial complexes to come up with a schedule that meets the demand for cleanliness and budget.