Concrete Repair and Replacement for Driveways

Home owners, condominium owners, condo boards, and others — such as small nonprofit organizations or churches with driveways — may need occasional concrete repair for their driveway. Concrete driveways age prematurely from de-icing products, rock salt, and other winter de-icers. Additionally, damage can occur when runoff from rainfall or landscaping penetrates the driveway because of poor drainage in the landscaping. Once your driveway starts to show wear and tear, damage will continue until you fix the problem areas. Signs of damage include pitting in the concrete surface, chipping and flaking concrete, and cracked concrete. Over time, heavy wear and tear from vehicles and large trucks can also damage concrete. If you only have one problem area, you may be able to repair the driveway yourself using a sealer. However, if home owners association members, owners, or landlords improperly repair concrete, the material will just begin flaking or cracking like it used to. When a driveway suffers from multiple cracks, chips, flakes, or other problems, it is time to call in the professionals. Paving contractors can device when the concrete needs to be cut out and replaced, and when a repair will suffice. Pavers can also seal your concrete driveway to prevent water damage, oil stains, and other liquid penetration. This improves the life span of the concrete driveway by making it more resistant to materials that can create chips and cracks.