Concrete Repair and Replacement for Parking Lots

Concrete parking areas and parking garages are typically low maintenance, but when the material starts to crack and chip, you’ve got to do something. Chipped, racking concrete not only create an eyesore that can irritate large parking lot tenants, it also creates a safety hazard. Garage users may trip on the chips and flakes of concrete littering the parking structure floor; the chips can also cause wear and tear on vehicle tires. Signs your concrete parking structures is in need of an overhaul includes large cracks in the material, concrete slabs that have sunken or are sinking into the ground because the base was poorly prepared, concrete that was pushed up by frost heaves, and pitted concrete. Repairing the concrete yourself would be impractical, because it requires specialized equipment. Only professional paving contractors can evaluate the condition of the material, determine whether to repair or replace the concrete, and remove old concrete that needs to be replaced.