Concrete Repair and Replacement for Roads

Concrete roads wear down over time, especially the ones that receive heavy traffic from large trucks and other vehicles. If the roads is part of schools & universities, industrial areas, or commercial complexes, the worn out concrete can diminish the curb appeal for clients, tenants, employees, and other visitors. If the base beneath the concrete wasn’t prepared right, the material can start sinking into the ground. Roads also deteriorate when frost heaves, which occur when the soil beneath freezes and thaws repeatedly in heavy winter, pushes the concrete upward to create a hump. Winter de-icers and industrial road salts cause further damage to concrete roadways, because the harsh chemicals that causes de-icing penetrate the concrete surface. Signs your concrete is damaged include chipping or flaking bits of concrete, scratches and pits in the surface, cracks — which can worsen if the road has an under layer of rebar or mesh for added strength — and concrete that sinks into the ground or pushes up from a frost heave. For both safety and cosmetic reasons, look for a paving contractor who has the equipment and knowledge to repair or replace the worn out concrete.