Crack Filling for Roads

Roads receive a lot of wear and tear on a daily use, which can erode the asphalt over time. Heavy trucks on a wide road or long road makes the damage worst, due to the excess weight. And worn out roads as well as new roads are susceptible to weather-related damage from rain, ice, snow, and cold weather. In long winter, the ground beneath the roadway freezes and thaws repeatedly. This constant cycle of chill and thaw known as “frost heaves” can lead roads to crack, chip, and thrust up from the ground.

If you have cracked asphalt in a public road, long road, wide road, church road, or road leading to schools & universities, fixing that road is a matter of public safety and public work maintenance. It may be tempting to hire a handyman to patch up that driveway, but faulty repairs will actually do more harm than good. Some crack needs to be widened then repaired, and everything needs to be cleaned so the filler can bond. Don’t take the risk of paying extra to fix a bad patch; get it right the first time by hiring a paving contractor.