Crack Sealing in Parking Lots

Once asphalt cracks, water seeps into the foundation underneath and begins to destroy the asphalt coating. Repairing large parking lot with asphalt cracks will work as preventive maintenance and helps keep a parking lot in safe condition for tenants and customers. Criss cross cracks develop over time due to traffic flows in parking garages and parking lots. Effective sealing of tears and cracks can help extend the life of that pavement, even doubling it. With large parking lots or parking garages, look for the professionals for hot asphalt crack repair. Sealing worn-out asphalt fills developing cracks with an asphalt mix that prevents water, dirt, and debris from compromising the surface of your parking structures and parking lots. After the cracks are sealed and the pavement is allowed to cure, the asphalt is smooth and drivable.