Crack Sealing in Roads

Roads take a beating day in and day out, and when cracks start to develop, it compromises both the structure of the road and public safety. For long roads, wide roads, highways, and  country lanes, professional asphalt crack repair can restore the durability of the road. Cracks in roads may occur after frost heaves, in cases of poor drainage, or on roads with a poor shoulder or poor base. On hills, slippage cracks may develop due to the grade of the hill. So-called alligator cracks develop when flexible asphalt becomes brittle and wears down. Unlike cracks in a road or a parking area, alligator cracks should be removed and replaced with fresh asphalt. However, most type of cracks can be repaired.

First, the cracks are cleaned of all foreign debris using an air compressor. Next, the cracks are sealed using a rubberized hot asphalt mix. Only professional asphalt sealers can heat the hot asphalt mix to the right temperature to get the best seal. When cracks are too small, it can be difficult to get a good seal. Professional pavement contractors can widen the crack so it can be repaired. Sealing the cracks in roads and streets when lines appear can prevent costly resurfacing down the line. Commercial roads like those leading to churches or industrial complexes also benefit from having cracks sealed.