Determining Whether to Repair or Replace Your Driveway

Cracks in cemented driveways are fairly common. As a conscientious home or business owner you have probably followed all of the appropriate maintenance schedules set forth by your paving contractor but still see cracks forming on the surface of your driveway. Although sealing do guard against damage, it cannot stop shifts in the earth or water seepage beneath cemented surfaces.

If your driveway is wrought with cracks and potholes, you may be best served to have the existing surface demolished and replaced. On the contrary, if you are have only small cracks or potholes, repair may serve as the best solution. Working directly with a skilled contractor will help you determine which is the best route to take for your small driveway or long driveway. Repair can be completed in less than a day with replacement being a longer process. Due to the demolition aspect of repair, the scope of the project and schedule will be affected by the square footage of the area, weather condition and any specialized add-on you may choose.