Hazard-Free Roads

Keeping the roadway in good repair helps  ensure the safety of drivers and pedestrians and to maintain a positive image. Plantings and other ornaments beside the road will make it more pleasing to the eye, but always ensure that visibility is preserved.

Potholes in the road can be particularly hazardous, causing vehicles to swerve out of the driving lane and into the path of oncoming cars. The constant flow of traffic will cause a damaged surface to deteriorate very quickly. To avoid further property damage and liability, prompt, effective repair is essential.

When potholes have formed in the pavement, the most effective repair method is Peel & Pave, according to the Federal Highway Commission. For a lasting repair, skilled technicians:

       Remove water and debris

       Cut out damaged area with a pavement saw in a square or rectangle with straight sides

       Replace any compromised foundation

       Fill with compatible paving compound

       Compact the repair

       Ensure repair is even with the original surface

Keeping your property in good repair and protecting your investment is our mission.