How Do You Know Your Lot Needs It?

The first sign of wear on a parking lot is in the color change. It loses the deep black color of a new lot and gradually turns grey. How fast this happens depends upon the weather and other factors, such as how much chemicals you put on the lot in winter. Higher level of traffic also causes the asphalt to break down sooner.


After the color change, you will begin to notice minor cracks that become wider and deeper if not taken cared of. Because the asphalt has broken down, further deterioration comes quickly. This happens even more rapidly if delivery trucks and other large vehicles travel over the lot often.


How often you provide maintenance on your parking lot will depend on your business and level of traffic. Expert seal coating companies can help you choose a maintenance plan for a yearly basis or every other year to protect your parking lot. Even though this is a regular expense, it will save you money on costly asphalt repairs or replacement if damages become too severe.