Nicely Kept Driveways

The driveway is often the first part of your property that a prospective customer sees. To make that a pleasant experience and get off to a good start, keep it in good repair. Lining the lane with well-maintained trees or flowers will enhance the appearance and make a good impression, so long as the plants do not obstruct the driver’s view of the road.

As in all other paved areas, safety and good maintenance are the primary concerns. The Federal Highway Commission advises that as a paved surface ages, it will begin to deteriorate. Potholes may signal a serious problem that requires prompt attention. The most effective and lasting repair for potholes is Peel & Pave.

A pothole repair that is completed by skilled technicians is good insurance to extend the useful life of the driveway. A well-executed repair will be visible but neat and even with the original surface of the driveway. The following steps must be taken:

       Remove water and debris

       Cut out damaged area with a pavement saw in a square or rectangle with straight sides

       Replace any compromised foundation

       Fill with compatible paving mix

       Compact the repair

       Ensure repair is even with the original surface

Any business or nonprofit organization must maintain the pavement on their property so that it is safe and convenient for customers and visitors. It’s a matter of good business and good citizenship. An attractive, well-maintained system of pavement is among the first aspects of a business that people will notice.