Overlays for Driveways

Blacktop is a durable driveway material, and an overlay can help extend the lifespan of your existing driveway while improving drainage. If your driveway is prone to puddles, an overlay can increase the grade and alleviate your drainage woes. Schools & universities, condo owners, and home owner’s association members will want to improve the look of a driveway, especially one prone to drainage puddling. Overlays work best on existing driveways that are in decent shape, since driveways that have a large number of cracks will cause the new overlay to crack in the same places. However, driveways with some cracks can be overlaid if the paving contractor cuts out the weak spots. If you’re tempted to get an overlay to improve driveway drainage or to restore an old, brittle driveway to good condition, hire a paving contractor. This is one project you cannot DIY. A quality contractor will cut away existing asphalt that meets sidewalks, curbs, or parking garages to create a gentle slope from the overlay to the other surface. Failure to do this leaves the blacktop at a higher level than the garage or sidewalk, creating a bump. This can also degrade the life of the asphalt.