Overlays for Parking Lots

Asphalt overlays provide relief for parking lots and parking garages that have some wear and tear, but aren’t covered with cracks. An overlay provides a second coating of asphalt right over the first. This can improve the drainage, drivability, and performance of your asphalt parking area. You cannot overlay a cracked blacktop, because the new asphalt will sink into the cracks and holes in the under layer, and you’ll have spent all of that money for nothing. If your parking structure has some cracks, a professional paving contractor may be able to cut them out, patch the holes, and overlay new blacktop. Asphalt overlay is one area where you definitely need professional pavers who can do the job right–and can tell you when your parking lot surface is too far gone for this preservation technique. Professionals can cut through the existing asphalt to make a joint, allowing the overlay to blend with other surfaces, such as speed bumps, curbs, sidewalks, and other ground level surfaces. Failure to create these joints leads to asphalt failure, so that you may need to remove the entire parking lot surface and pave from scratch.