Overlays for Roads

Roads that are worn thin from cars and trucks are the prime candidates for restoration using blacktop overlay. As long as the base of the road is sound and the existing blacktop is in decent condition–worn thin but without a web of cracks–an overlay can restore the road to look just like new–at a fraction of the price. Residential roads, commercial roads leading to office buildings, and industrial roads that receive heavy truck traffic are all candidates for overlay. The revitalized blacktop is smoother, providing relief from bumpy rides, and can be easier for pedestrians to walk on, minimizing the risks of falls. Since an effective overlay returns the road to good condition, maintenance is minimized. When looking for a paving contractor to overlay local roads, choose a paver that has demonstrated experience working with large blacktop overlays. The contractor might need to cut out cracked areas of blacktop, joint the asphalt so the road can mesh with existing sidewalks and curbs, or grind down a thick layer of asphalt in preparation for the overlay. An inexperienced paver can do a poor job, and the overlay can fail within a short time period.