Pavement Maintenance and Repair for Driveways

Driveways reflect the characters of the house, and a driveway that is riddled with pits, chips, flakes, bare patches, or cracks could use some revitalization. Over time, inclement weather takes a tool on driveways. De-icing products and rock salts cause chipping and cracking, cold weather and frost heaves can also cause cracking. Both young and old driveways can be affected by cold weather, heavy rains, and other types of damage. Pavement maintenance designed to extend the life of the driveway, restore its supple nature, and maintain an even terrain make all the difference to clients, tenant, home owners, condo owners, and guests. While it might be tempting to think that you can seal a driveway yourself or even patch those cracks that sprang up last winter, fixing the pavement yourself is a hard work and requires special equipment.

In some cases, such as for large cracks, you actually need to worsen the problem before you can fix it. Otherwise, the problem will reoccur shortly thereafter, and you’ll just have to start from scratch. When you add up the time and effort of doing it yourself, hiring professionals to perform driveway and pavement maintenance just makes sense. Professional pavers can quickly fix driveway and pavement problems that plague home owners association members, condo owners, and landlords.