Paving for Roads

Paved roads are significantly softer to drive down to than unpaved roads, allowing smoother traffic flow and leading to less wear and tear for vehicles. If you’re looking to pave new roads in your community, hiring an asphalt paver is a must. Only paving contractors have the specialized equipment, experience preparing roadways for hot mix asphalt, and experience laying asphalt on a variety of grades. They’ll get the job done right, and done quickly. Over time, you’ll save in maintenance and repair since the job was done correctly.

Likewise, if existing paved roads are in need of repair, pavers can perform at a higher level than handyman or other municipal workers. Over time, snow, ice, rain, frost, and heavy vehicle traffic can cause damage to roadways that makes the roads uncomfortable to drive on and potentially dangerous for pedestrian, cyclist, and motorcycle traffic. Signs that a road needs repair includes dipping, heaving, cracks, chips, flaking, and pitting of the blacktop. Protect public safety by having new roads paved or having existing paved roads repaired by a contractor with skills, abilities, and equipment to complete the job.