Pot Hole Patching From Small Driveways to Parking Garages and Roads We Fill the Gap

Wear on roads, driveways and parking lots usually leads to those pesky divots known as potholes. Environmental factors such as weather and earthquakes can also cause asphalt to become stressed and vulnerable to potholes. Not only dangerous to individuals on foot, bikes, or in vehicles, potholes can lead to considerable damage including widespread erosion. Water that seeps into even a small pothole can spread beneath the asphalt surface causing more potholes, cracks and eventual breakdown of the surface.

The process for successful and permanent pothole patching requires a skilled contractor that knows what exactly to look for and how to fix problems before bigger damage occurs. Our services will provide you with a smooth surface and the peace of mind that you will not wake up one morning and see your driveway, parking lot or road cracking beyond repair. True repair of potholes consists of cutting away the exterior of the pothole, filling it and then sealing it with asphalt and additional heavy-duty equipment. Maintaining your asphalt surface after repair will be necessary to avoid future repairs.