Power Sweeping for Roads

After a road race, parade, or other events, public roadways may be littered with junk and debris from the festivities. You know you’ve got to clean up to prevent the debris from drifting, especially since food scraps on the ground could entice animals to your neighborhood. You definitely don’t have the right equipment to do it yourself. In times like this, hire a paving contractor that has a fleet of power sweepers. Large sweepers come in different sizes: Some trawl sidewalk cleaning debris, others are large enough to handle roadways, stadiums, and other surfaces. Only a paving contractor has the large scale inventory to meet your needs, and enough operators to commit fully to getting your streets cleaned in the shortest amount of time.

Choose from sweepers that are powered hydraulically or using propane. If your community is committed to sustainability, find a power sweeper operator that is committed to using biodegradable cleaners. Rest assured, knowing that all of the debris will be gone in a matter of hours, hauled back to the sweeping facility for disposal. There’s no way you could do such an efficient job on your own; thanks to paving contractors, you don’t have to.