Safe and Attractive Parking Lots

Safety is paramount in a large parking lot. The responsibility of maintaining the area free of hazards lies with the business owner or the director of the nonprofit organization. When customers arrive, they need to know that they have safe footing. This is particularly true for people with vision or mobility problems.

Plantings and other ornaments will make it more attractive to the eye, and adequate lighting is needed when the lot will be used during evening hours. According to the Federal Highway Commission, when pavement begins to age and deteriorate, cracks and potholes will develop. Prompt repair is essential to provide a safe parking area free from obstacles and to maintain sound structure.

Cracks and potholes allow water and debris to accumulate and threaten structural integrity. The best repair for a pothole is Peel & Pave. This method removes any damaged pavement and base and replaces it with fresh, well-compacted compound.

The first step is to remove any water and debris that have been collected. Following this, skilled technicians uses a pavement saw to cut around the damage, right down to the base material. The cut must have straight sides and be either square or rectangular in shape.

Workers then remove all damaged pavement. If the foundation has also deteriorated, they take away the compromised material and replace it with fresh foundation. Then they fill the hole with a compatible mixture. The final step is to compact the repair. A well-compacted repair that is neat and even with the surface will be safe and durable.