Safer Streets Get Slurry Sealed

Roadways that experience heavy traffic flow are vulnerable not only to environmental conditions but also to extreme use. Commercial and industrial areas that see traffic from large trucks and vehicles will want to have a Slurry Seal maintenance plan in place. The damage that can occur on pavement that is unprotected ranges from potholes to cracks. Slurry Seal for long roads and wide roads will include a Type III aggregate that is tough enough to withstand high volume or weighted traffic.

Areas managed by a Home Owners Association like neighborhoods and condo complexes should also budget for a Slurry Seal coat every seven to eight years. The process will require that streets be free of vehicles for a 24-hour period and residents will have to wait driving on streets until sealing is complete. It may take a bit of organization but the money invested in a Slurry Seal will save your organization or business from the high cost of future repairs and damage to vehicles.