Asphalt parking lots are very expensive to install and have an effective life of 7-12 years before expensive repairs must be undertaken. Asphalt pavements have two major weakness that lead to a limited lifetime.

Asphalt has a poor resistance to UV radiation or simply sunlight. 

Asphalt pavements are a simple combination of rock, sand and glue which is the liquid asphalt that binds everything togehter. The UV radiation breaks down the asphalt glue and weakens so that it can n0o longer hold the rocks and sand, thus gradually losing the top surface.

The second major weakness of asphalt pavements is its poor resistance to salts, chemicals, and petroleum products.

Petroleum products cause most of the damage as witnessed by oil spots and gas spills. The reason for it’s poor resistance is that asphalt is a petroleum product.They are separated only by the refining process of crude petroleum.

Based on these weaknesses, asphalt has poor resistance to UV radiation and chemicals such as melting salts and petroleum products. It is logical to conclued that one should us some sort of coating, which would shield the asphalt pavements from tjhese harmful elements. That will lead to thje degradation of your costly asphalt parking lot. This in essence is the idea behind SEALCOATING.

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