Signage for Parking Lots

Parking structures, parking garage and other parking areas benefit from easy to read signs that helps patrons understand where to rive and where to park. Signs that you can use in parking lots include floor or level numbers for multi story parking lots, signs indicating handicapped spaces, ones directing visitors to the elevator and the stairs, and signs pointing out a pay booth. You can install signs in a garage one by one so as not to disturb patrons during a busy garage use time, or do the work after hours and hang all of the signs at once.

Installing signs yourself might not seem that difficult in a level parking area, but with parking garages, you’ve got to sink bolts into concrete to hold up the signs. For flat parking areas, you’ve got to tie or sink signs into metal poles or other signposts, which can be difficult. Save time and money by hiring a paving contractor to put up the signs that will restore order to your parking areas. A paving contractor can obtain signs for you that are the size and shape that work best for you and do the work quickly.