Speed Bumps for Driveways

You may not think that driveways needs speed humps, but home owners association, condominium associations, and condo owners might disagree. When you have a lot of drivers navigating a driveway–some of whom may be speeding–safe driving becomes a concern for all. Additionally, nonprofit organizations, schools & universities has a responsibility to students, employees, and clients to provide a safe atmosphere. Slow down  reckless drivers from speeding on your property by installing asphalt speed humps.

There are some speed humps you can install yourself, but they lack the durability of asphalted speed barriers. Asphalted barriers, once installed by a professional paving contractor, are easy to maintain. If you are planning to install speed humps in nonprofit organizations, schools & universities, condominium complexes or other residential homes, notify residents before you plan to do it and have residents park elsewhere when the paving contractor is due to arrive. The speed humps will need to dry for at least 48 hours before you allow residents to drive on the surface. You may paint the speed barrier with reflective paint or bright white paint to call attention to it once the asphalt has dried, so that drivers will notice the barrier. Installing speed humps in driveways makes sense from a safety perspective, and may be recommended by a liability insurer to promote a safe living and  safe driving environment in your home area.