Speed Bumps for Parking Lots

At the end of a busy workday, cars and trucks that speed out of  a large parking lot of other parking area may drive too quickly, threatening to cause safety hazard to employees, clients, and tenants. Speed humps effectively slow down traffic in multi storey parking structures and parking garages because drivers naturally have to slow down to protect vehicle wear and tear. There are all types of temporary bumps made from plastic, reflective material, and other materials. However, the best value is in asphalt speed humps that are poured directly onto the surface of your parking structure. A paving contractor can construct built-in speed humps in your large parking lot of multi storey parking area. To create an asphalt speed hump, paving contractors cleans the parking lot and then pour hot asphalt directly onto the surface of the parking lot pavement. Using a large push roller, contractors then press the asphalt to remove air and flatten the material into a small mound. This can effectively prevent cars from speeding in your parking structures.