Speed Bumps for Roads

Speeding on a residential road, a wide road, or a long road that passes through homes, schools, or churches, can be dangerous to drivers and pedestrians. Reckless drivers going too fast can injure themselves or others. If  speed limit warning signs cannot be followed, speed hump is a cost effective way to slow down motorists and promote safe driving. For roads, asphalt humps installed by a paving contractor works well because they are durable. Once installed, asphalted speed humps can be painted for maximum visibility. Reflective paint makes the humps stand out to drivers at night and also catches the eye of pedestrians who may be walking in the road.

While asphalt is a durable material for road work, speed humps in the road can wear down over time. They may crumble or crack, making them a nuisance to drivers. A paving contractor can perform maintenance to repair the surface of the speed hump, and can repaint the beams so it maintains a high visibility. Once you install speed humps, you will notice that speeding traffic through your neighborhood will slow down when crossing the speed barrier.