Striping for Driveways

Tired of playing driveway jockey, moving cars from one area to another to make use of the space? Frustrated when your neighbor parks in your spot? For shared-use driveways, painting or striping creates clearly marked parking areas and can help alleviate some of the stress that comes with managing a shared-use parking spot. Churches, nonprofit organizations, condominium owners, schools & universities, commercial plazas, and even home owners association members may find that painting stripes is the right solution for their parking frustrations.

Painting stripes on the driveway may seem easy enough that it’s tempting to do it yourself, but it’s best if you hire a paving contractor. Professional contractors have the equipment needed to paint lines for parking spots and paint numbers so tenants, home owners, employees, and visitors can enjoy clearly marked spots. Contractors have the right type of paint, such as bright colored paints or reflective paints that allows you to see spots clearly at night. If you try to do the job yourself, you may find that it’s messy to paint without a stencil or that you’ve used the wrong paint and the stripes are flaking off soon after they are applied. Contractors can get this job done quickly.