Striping for Parking Lots

Parking lots work best for clients, customers, visitors, and employees when they are clean, well-lit and easy to use. One fundamental element of order in large parking lot or other parking areas, such as multi storey parking garages, is stripes or lines. These help drivers realize the boundaries of a parking space, so that the most number of vehicles can fit in the parking area. Stripes or lines can also be used to number spaces, mark spaces as guest or visitor, and create handicapped spaces. As your parking area ages and is subject to vehicle wear and tear, stripes fade, causing confusion for drivers. In worst cases, drivers may park in areas where they should not park, misuse handicapped spaces, or take another person’s assigned spot because the paint has faded. Fixing the paint can not only improve use of the parking structures, but can make your large parking lot look new again and can impress your existing customers. To get a quote for adding or replacing stripes in your parking lot, find a paving contractor. These professionals can get the job done quickly using the right kind of paint, for long-lasting stripes.