Striping for Roads

Roadway stripes is an essential part of public safety. They have the power to indicate the road and lane boundaries, demarcate passing and no-passing zones on large roadways, create pedestrian crossings, and control the flow of traffic. When stripes on a wide road, old road, long road, or busy road begin to fade or weather, strongly consider hiring a paving contractor to repaint the stripes. Paving contractors have the right tools and equipment to quickly create road stripes, and have reflective paint that allows vehicle drivers to easily see the road lines in poor weather conditions or during the night.

It may seem like you can have the highway division take care of road striping, but do they have the right equipment for this job? Is it realistic that a busy highway division has the time to prioritize this important public safety project? And will the highway division really get to all of the smaller roads in your community? Paving contractors can help restore striped paint to public roads as well as private roads, such as those leading to commercial or industrial zones or roads that are part of schools, churches, or businesses.