Wide Streets Require Powerful Sweepers

Street cleaning has come a long way since the early days of the 19th century when paupers would clear a path for pedestrians  in exchange for a tip. The middle of the century saw the first sweeping machines, large rotating disks that were pulled by horses and simply pushed the dirt and debris to the side, where it could be swept up by men with brooms and dust pans.

Modern street sweeping machines use vacuum systems that efficiently clear away the dirt and sprayers that keep down dust.

Street sweepers help extend the useful life of pavement and keep pollutants out of the ground water. They make the streets safer and more pleasant for pedestrians and drivers. They also help keep city air clear of dust and storm drains flowing freely. Many cities now choose independent contractors to provide this service in an efficient, cost-effective manner.

A large paved area calls for a system with a powerful vacuum and large, friction-resistant brushes. These big machines cut down the time required to perform routine maintenance and keep the street clear of debris and dirt, removing even the smallest particles. You will  want a lot of power for these areas, and a machine that will operate well in all kinds of conditions. Dust-free operation is a must for these large areas.

A major concern with wide streets is the amount of debris that can wash into the storm drains. This can lead to clogging and unsanitary conditions. You will want a street sweeper that can remove polluting materials from the streets and keep ground water clean.